Friday, October 21, 2011

2AM Blog Post

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Out of the shower, in my sleep clothes and typing away on an iPod. Thank the Gods for this new Blogger app I've been waiting for. Hopefully I'll get to blog more often because of it.

The reason why I chose to blog at such a late or early hour (depends on how you look at it) was because: One, I felt touched when my high school friend Daniel had asked me earlier why I don't blog often anymore. Two, because I just feel like it. Three, because I have so much to say but no one to talk to. Shame.

Well, anyway. I got home at exactly 1:18 earlier coming from my best friend, Hannah's house. We finally had our high school reunion after two years since graduation. Nine out of around twenty people arrived and that's including me and the hostess. There were tons of food, innocent drinks, and most importantly, the best laughs and kwentos in the world. It felt like magic to be with them again. It was as if the past two years in college were empty and tonight just had to fill my spirits again.

What really amazed me tonight was how much NOBODY, as in NOBODY had changed. In fact, I just realised now how much the aura of Hannah's veranda felt so much like our Level 10 classroom in Bene. It's as if none of my high school friends have any plans of changing who they are and I'm glad they haven't.

Tonight made me realize that my friends from high school really are some of the most important people in my life. It's funny, 'cause some of those people almost made my life a living hell just two years ago and yet tonight, they made everything worth it. All of my high school friends are somewhat like my best friends. I may not be as close to moat of them like I am to my real best friends, but really, they're the people who made me the person I am now. As cliche as that sounds, it's actually really true. Some of them might have taught me the not so good things in life but it's because of those experiences that I learned right from wrong. Well, sort of.

My high school friends molded the person who I am today. I mean yeah, my family's obviously a part of that too, but my high school friends may be the silliest of the lot but really, they're some of the wisest people I've ever met in my life. It's from the wrong things we did in the past that I learned the right things now. Again, sort of.

It's weird how much of a good time I had is equal to the sadness I feel now. I mean, don't get me wrong. My sadness is really because I wish the good time earlier didn't have to end. It's actually why I came home at past 1 instead of coming home at 11. Like I said, they're worth it. They're worth the scolding I got earlier when I got home.

I wish I could post photos but being the good friend that he is, Daniel drained my laptop's battery earlier. Charger's not in my room and frankly, I'm too lazy/tired to look for it.

Thank you to Hannah, Justin, Karen, Janina, Leon, Ramon, Ramon's girlfriend, Daniel and JC for making this the most awesome night I've had in awhile.

Good night, everyone!

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Posted photos from last night, click the photo below to be redirected!

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