Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello! Still at SMX for Philippine Fashion Week and somehow found the time to blog randomly 'cause Halloween's in town and I'm surprised at how I feel about it.

Somehow I'm not afraid of Halloween anymore. I'm not so afraid of the scary ghost who's about to wake up in two days or the witch who's supposed to eat children by the sugar house. Don't get me wrong, I'm still too chicken to watch scary movies alone. I just think that I've grown up to realize that Halloween is nothing but another night or day for parties and candy - as if we don't have them happening at least every single day.

A part of me believes that maybe I have grown up. And it's not really easy to let it all sink in. When I started college, I was afraid that my school wouldn't really help me exercise in the world of media. I was afraid that it would all be theoretical and no practical measures. So when this year kicked in and I had to make a production with my group mates every week and I really had to step everything up a notch. It was hard at first and it was still pretty hard at the end, but nevertheless, I got through it and I'm ready to face more in the future.

Ang drama. So, anyway! Back to work.
Happy Halloween!

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