Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rogue: December 2011

Photo taken from Trending News Now

I'm still in class right now, ironically making a layout for a magazine cover for submission in about twenty minutes. But how could I do all that if my dear friend Jessica is sitting right beside me and she tells me to search for Rogue's new cover, featuring the ever so lovely, Georgina Wilson?

I have to admit: I have never read Rogue. I have admired them from afar though, ever since I saw the Anne Curtis cover which was so controversial, and so beautiful in my eyes. Rogue, with all their creativity has done it again with this month's cover and frankly, it doesn't make me think twice on why Rogue has made it this far and has been successful all these years.

It's magazines and photographs like these that make me really want to become a fashion photographer when I grow up.

Kudos to the photographer, Mark Nicdao!
Make-up Artist: Robbie Pinera
Hairstylist: Raymond Santiago
Production Designers: Dindo Pangalangan, Elmer Pueblo and Che Katigbak

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